Our company will deal with the situation in a discrete & efficient manner. In many cases the cost of the cleanup will be covered by your insurance company. We simplify the process by working with your insurance company through direct billing to make the transition smoothly, resulting in painless quick resolutions.

Crime Scene

We provide crime scene and trauma clean up services to individuals who have experienced traumatic events. Our caring and compassionate technicians are trained professionals with the ability & capacity to address and remediate even the most severe situations.

Crime scene cleanup
Natural or unattended death
Trauma, bodily fluid or tissue disposal
Hoarding / Trash houses

Meth Clean Up

Methamphetamine Remediation

 Methamphetamine or meth is one of the worst epidemics to hit the United States.  As bad as meth is on a person’s body it is equally as bad to your property.  We work with several of Denver’s Premier Industrial Hygienist to help you in your quest to reclaim your property by:

Use our proprietary method to remediate meth.
Clean property in a thorough and environmentally friendly way.
Use of absolute discretion with neighbors and passersby.
Work with your Industrial Hygienist to develop a cohesive game plan.
Treat you with respect and not bury you with jargon and shop talk.
We keep at it till we are 100% cleared through the “Decision Statement”

All work completed as per State of Colorado Regulations Pertaining to the Cleanup of Methamphetamine Labs, 6 CCR 1014-3. Effective Dec. 15, 2014.